Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year ?

Nowy rok nie zapowiada sie lepiej. Wrecz przeciwnie. Drozsza bena, wszystko drozsze. Do tego kolejny rok w dupe i kolejny rok blizej smierci. Ja sie nie jaram ale zeby chociaz nie bylo wiele gorzej.

New year doesn't seem to be better. Quite the contrary. Gas more expensive, everything more expensive. Additionaly another wasted year and one year closer to death. I'm not excited but let's hope next year won't be much worse.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Engine out ..... almost

Swieta nie zwalniaja od prac przy moto. Dzis byl plan wyjecia silnika. Nie do konca sie to udalo bo jedna sruba zawziela sie i nie chciala puscic. Jutro drugie podejscie.

  Christmas not exempt from works on bike. Plan for today was to remove engine. Not exactly managed to do so because of one bolt which didn't want to go out and release the engine. Tomorrow we try again.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Joda of welding

Co za geniusz to zrobil?

What kind of genius did that?

Wargasser Speed Shop


"What would I do to live back in these times. When everything was made in the USA not sent to China because its cheeper. Wheres all the pride in this fuckin country. Everybody is always worried about the almighty dollar! Keep life simple, build things with your hands, have a trade, take pride in what you do!!"


6 Over - Kick Start from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.