Tuesday 30 April 2013

This is what I call real single

This is the world’s largest single-cylinder two-wheeler. It was built by a gentleman called Fritz Langer, and it’s based on an NSU Konsul 500. I suspect that Fritz is one wave short of a shipwreck, but there’s no denying the balls-out engineering that has gone into this machine. Fritz replaced the original cylinder and piston with a 122 ci unit from a radial aeroplane engine, but that piston weighed 3.3 kg—over 7 lbs. So Fritz got Mahle to make up a lightweight piston of just 1.6 kg. After the engine block was widened and the crank milled, Fritz was ready to roll. (He must have strong legs, because this baby is a kickstart.) The stainless steel exhaust system, incidentally, is 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, and there’s no silencer. So it’ll be enough to put even a Screamin’ Eagle-equipped Harley to shame.

Eco and non-eco vehicle

Dennis Enarson - Last Chance

Barspin gap to ledge ride....

DIY Stirling Engine

Sunday 28 April 2013

Too old to skate new stickers.

Too old to skate made new stickers designed by our old friend El Balenko. This dying artist is trying once again to jump on top. New T-shirts will be available soon. Support those guys. One of them has car to built and needs every penny :)


GN400 bobber Suchy Las Vegas Designs :D

Prace nad zbiornikiem Magdy dobiegaja konca. Roboty, ktore zapoczatkowalem dokanczane sa przez Medego :D

Magda's tank is being finished. Works that I started are continued by Medy :D